Membership Membership conditions and information

Membership in this foundation requires that the member:

1. To be teaching mathematics at an international school.

2. Participate in at least one activity of the foundation once every three years.

3. Agree to promote the foundations’ objectives at his or her school.

4. The foundation will be governed by a board of directors whose five members are elected at the annual meeting of its members.”

Among the activities that the foundation runs are the junior and senior contests among students in international schools. The first contest took place in Morocco at Rabat American School on April 18 - 21, 1996. Also, another activity is a bi-annual conference for teachers where issues of teaching mathematics in a dynamic environment are addressed. The first conference was hosted by the American International School on the weekend of March 14 - 16, 1997. The conference featured speakers from among teachers in member schools and some internationally known speakers as Bert Waits, Bernhard Kutzler, and Erich Neuwirth.

1. An international school by definition is any school that: operates outside its national boundaries and enrolls students of several nationalities with a maximum of 70% of one single nationality, or —if it operates on its national grounds, then it must have at least 20% of its student body comprised of foreigners.

2. Contestants must be enrolled in a non selective international school.

Membership & Renewals for 2017-2018

Membership renewal was due on Oct. 30. Any school that did not renew yet, please get in touch

There is a 50-Euro late registration fee (per month) for both joining memberships and renewal memberships.

Euro Zone (EZ)

350€ (e-banking transfer)

Euro Zone (EZR)

175€ (e-banking transfer)

Non Euro Zone (NEZ)

400€ (e-banking transfer)

Non Euro Zone (NEZR)

200€ (e-banking transfer)


[9] For new members only. "We confirm that our school is an international school with approx. ___ % non-local students".

Please make sure that the bank transfer has the name of your school and the city clearly stated.

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