MS Competition British International School, Bratislava


ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition

British International School Bratislava
April 28 to 30, 2017

School address
British International School Bratislava
Peknikova 6
841 02 Bratislava


  1. Fri 28 Apr: Teams arrive.
  2. Sat 29 Apr: Morning – Team competition. Afternoon – Organised activity.
  3. Sun 30 Apr: Sunday Chase and Award Ceremony. Teams depart from 13.00.

Getting here

By air: Fly to Bratislava BTS from Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, Belgium, the UAE and Russia, among others with these airlines. Otherwise, you are sure to find flights to Vienna VIE, which is only 40 minutes away.

By train: Arrive either at the Bratislava Petrzalka station, at Bratislava Devinska Nova Ves, or at the main station, Bratislava Hlavna Stanica.

By bus/coach: Arrive at Bratislava Mlynske Nivy AS.


Only students 14 years or younger on 1st August 2016 (ie, born on 1st August 2002 or after) are eligible to compete in the 2017 ISMTF Middle School Math Competition.


Our aim is to have students stay with host families, however we are unsure of how many volunteers we will find. Any teams which are not able to be hosted will be provided with accommodation in a local hotel/hostel. This will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis. For those students and coaches in the hotel/hostel, there will be no additional cost besides the registration fee.

Registration Fee

The registration fee will be 120 Euros per student and per coach. The fee will need to be paid within two weeks (10 working days) of receiving your invoice by email.

Registering your team

Please follow these steps (further details are below):

  1. Visit the site, which will be updated as necessary.
  2. Submit the interest form at your earliest convenience.
  3. Submit questions by Friday 16 December.
  4. After receiving the invoice, submit the payment within ten working days.

Once payment is received, you will be registered. Please then complete the following:

  1. Submit the team information form by Friday 27 January.
  2. Submit the travel information form by Friday 27 January.

Since our space is limited, we predict we will need to limit registration to one team of three students per school. However, if you have communicated on your interest form that you would like to bring a second team and we end up having space for this, we will inform you before sending your invoice.

Interest form

Located on the website


Please submit the following types of questions by Friday 16 December:

  • 1 Short question
  • 2 Multiple-choice questions with 5 choices
  • 2 Long questions
  • 1 Sunday Chase question

Please also submit worked solutions for each of the questions. The emphasis should be on problem solving rather than knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts.

Please download the MS Word template here, add your questions and solutions, and send the completed Word document as an attachment to Please add your school’s name to the file name, eg ‘ISMTF Question template – BIS Bratislava.doc’.


Please fill in the information on this document as soon as possible (will only take 5 minutes - I promise!).

Team & Travel info

Please complete the Team Info and Travel Info forms by next Friday 27 Jan.

We look forward to welcoming you here in Bratislava!

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