Mathematics Faculty - University of Vienna

University of Vienna
Location: Vienna, Austria
Dates: 25th - 26th February '23


The cost per student for taking part in the competition is €172 and for each coach €180.

The fee covers:

  • accommodation for the nights of Friday and Saturday including Breakfast,

  • university venue rent (rooms and personnel) for the weekend,

  • lunch for Saturday, and lunch bag for Sunday,

  • transportation from youth hostel to university and back on Saturday,

  • transportation from the hostel to the university on Sunday,

  • transportation to the airport on Sunday after the competition, and

  • cost for t-shirts, printing, paper and other services required for the event.

Accommodation is in a youth hostel in a good area of the city (7th district) close to the city center. If schools would also like to reserve for dinner on Friday or Saturday, it will cost €9 per person, and you need to tell us before the event so that we pass it on to hostel.

The hostel wants us to pay a deposit before Nov. 20, 2022, and the full amount at the beginning of 2023. Thus, we ask that schools take that into consideration by respecting the deadlines given below.

Deadline for application is Dec. 20, 2022 (The earlier the better). Please have the payment sent around that time. The places are limited and will be given on first come first serve basis.

Coaches will be given double occupancy rooms. If any coach wants a single room, they can pay an extra €54 for the stay. Places are limited though! Students will be staying in multiple-bed rooms (6 beds each). Gender separation will be observed.

For more information get in touch with office@ismtf.org