The ISMTF is a non-profit association whose purpose is to provide support in the enrichment of teaching and learning mathematics at international schools, nurture a strong community among mathematics educators, and to help generate interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics at international schools.

ISMTF provides a forum for teachers to exchange experiences and ideas with others in their field – spread across the world. Our activities revolve around development workshops, focussed on advanced level mathematics teachers and their specific needs and challenges, and two annual math competitions, in which teams from across the globe meet to challenge each other in solving equations. (The first contest took place in Morocco at Rabat American School on April 18 – 21, 1996., the first conference in March, 1997)

Membership in the ISMTF is voluntary and a clear sign of a school’s commitment to a first-rate mathematics education and its educators.


1. Must be an international school.*

2. Participate in at least one activity of the foundation once every three years.

3. Be committed to a high-quality, forward-thinking mathematics education.

* An international school by definition is any school that: operates outside its national boundaries and enrolls students of several nationalities with a maximum of 70% of one single nationality, or —if it operates on its national grounds, then it must have at least 20% of its student body comprised of foreigners.


Please transfer the membership fees to the following account:

Please make sure that the bank transfer has the name of your school and the city clearly stated.